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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
The bonehead playoff play aside, I'd say Berry and Rahim Moore are pretty much interchangeable. In other words good but far from great.

And yes I know Berry went to the Pro Bowl, but honestly he's not anything special. That's more an indication of how bad the Pro Bowl selection process is than how well Berry played.
Wow you are one stupid mother****er. Rahim Moore?!

Berry came off a torn ACL. Even in OTA's right now his knee has still caused a few minor problems.

I'd say all of those players but Houston would start on your defense. And the only reason Houston isn't starting is because of Von.

Tamba>Ayers -he can line up in the 4-3 again and still be better than him
Berry>Any of your safeties
DJ>Whoever your ILB is

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