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I was just reading an article earlier where 75% off all potential political tax free "non-profits" were audited, on both sides. And really, that should be 100%. Seriously, why the fk should these groups get away without paying their taxes?

And it's hilarious what are almost all Bush appointees are in a big conspiracy with Obama. You guys wonder why you guys have no credibility and are mocked by this country, take a look at yourselves. America can recognize grown-ups and bitter children.
I've got news for you. It's going to be hard for you to take, so you might want to sit down.....

Most Government Employees are Democrats.


And they don't all suddenly lose their jobs whenever a Republican gets elected. I guess maybe you're arguing that should change?

I'd say from the looks of this scandal, a large scale purge IS probably in order.

I'm still in shock that an internal auditor (the IG) can come in and ask employees "Hey, who ordered you to do this?" And they can just say "I don't want to tell you." And then just go on about their work as if nothing had happened. Where else in the world would that kind of explanation fly? (alongside your continued employment)

Exhibit 73297 - How you know your government is completely out of control.
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