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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion. He's still a whack job.

And you can see I changed my outlook after this post once I decided to go read up about it a bit. Not nearly the "miraculous" crop it's made out to be. I wish it was. One of my key issues is getting the plastic out of the ocean. I would love it if we could find a replacement for all our packaging that ends up floating in the ocean. Unfortunately, corn is too environmentally expensive, requiring lots of water, fertilizer and insecticide. Hemp would be a excellent replacement if it wasn't so expensive to process and if the products made were attractive. Cotton is one of the most environmentally damaging crops on Earth. We've got to clean up our act if we want to leave a healthy world to our great grandchildren. The first thing we can do is stop using plastic. Everybody take your own bags to the store. It's a start.
How much of it is upfront cost to ramp up that infrastructure? How much $ is saved on the back end due to local shipping/distribution/water/fertilizer requirements?

If we're looking at ROI and long term gains - that's where i'd start.
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