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"As Bill Clinton and John Edwards and Bill Jefferson and various others have made clear, Democrats do have scandals. Plenty of them actually. But here we have another good example of why Republicans so often have bad luck these days with bogus scandals theyíre so hyped up about or ones that actually are legitimate scandals but which get overrun by so much hysterical nonsense that the actual scandal gets forgotten amidst a lava-like deluge of The Crazy. In a few words, most of the right-wing press is just astonishingly bad."


It must be so frustrating for the right-wing crazies, so desperate to find some kind of big conspiracy, only to have to continually fall flat on their faces with the most scandal free presidency of modern times.
Let's see.

Nobody knows who ordered the IRS targeting. Even the IG admitted nobody would answer that question. But you say case closed. Anyone wanting to know the answer to that simple question if "overreaching"

Nobody knows who ordered the Benghazi Stand Down, or the Youtube shell-game. Somewhere there's an answer, but nobody's willing to say it. But you say case closed. Anyone who wants to know is "overreaching"

Nobody knows who authorized the seizing of massive chunks of Associated Press phone records. The guy in charge says he recused himself from that decision, but can't point to any proof that he actually did. Meanwhile, 0 people have been disciplined, but you say case closed. Anyone wondering WTF is "overreaching"

Your team's cheerleading is setting a new bar for political cynicism. It's hard to believe that every complaint made just a few years ago was so nakedly political.

Your guys have done things Dick Cheney could've only dreamed of. And in the future, you're making it more likely that a guy like him might give it a try. Congrats.
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