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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Outproduce is highly debatable. Would you rather have another 50 yards or 2 more TDs?

And again: Dez had a broken finger and a far worse QB.

Sorry but comfort in a system doesn't compare.
Even if you said they had equivalent output this year, Demaryius' was far more impressive considering his situation.

Far worse QB, but the one Dez played with had more attempts, yards, and completions. And the one Thomas played with hadn't played in a year and had a questionable arm...and on top of that Thomas was 2nd in the league to Megatron to passes over 20 yards.

Comfort in a system doesn't compare to what? You trying to tell me comfort in system and playing with a QB 3 years in a row isn't highly advantageous?

Try telling Peyton Manning that, considering that's all he preaches.

Sounds like you're just writing off Thomas because he played with Peyton, but you're not taking into account that Dez plays with a QB who has put up great passing numbers throughout his career and his familiarity with the QB and system (and OC)...

WR's play with broken fingers all the time, many you don't hear about.
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