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I love DT but in terms of just football (ignoring character), Dez has been the better player THUS FAR.

DT had a breakout year and topped Dez in yardage... but Dez also played with a broken finger and a QB far below Manning.

As far as year 4?

I think Dez puts up better numbers than Demaryius because of Welker. DT will still put up great numbers and get some great 1 on 1s on the outside to take advantage of, but Dez will just get more balls his way.
Dez has also played in the same system since he got drafted with the same QB.

Whereas DT has had 3 different QBs...regardless if he played 1 with Manning, the fact that he was able to out produce Dez in his 3rd year with the same QB and same OC and same system...vs DT's first year with Manning... says enough to me.
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