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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
That's such a kick ass song. My god daughter who is 17 has a huge group of her friends at a college prop school and they are all totally into The Cure. Every time I go to my friends house and go upstairs I can hear that song playing in her bedroom, too funny. That's one cool thing about great music, even if it's older, it will still be listened to, even by younger people.

What does The Cure and The Cult have in common except they hail from England and broke around the same time? The Cult are for cool people that hate pop music. The Cult is for kick ass times, turn it up on the radio and rock out type of music. If they actually listen to The Cult, they are probably really cool chicks and can kick most p***Y dude's ass.

So, can you tell me where she goes to school?
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