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Chris Harris

Gonna use spoilers cause I'm talking about stuff that's at the very end of book five and everyone might not be there.

SPOILER: ( Aegon certainly looks poised to take the throne in the short term. I'm interested to see what happens when/if Dany crosses the Narrow Sea. (Will she have a Khalasar to go along with her Unsullied? Will she join with/marry Aegon or oppose him?)

Fully convinced that Littlefinger is just a piece of **** and will use Sansa as a means to an end or just betray her. It was bad-****ing-ass when he chucked Lysa out the moon gate though. I hope they keep that in the show.

Pretty obvious Jon isn't dead, but who the hell knows what's next for him. Maybe Tormund saves him or something?

Everything about the story north of the wall compels the hell out of me. Sounds like Martin is going to take us way north in the next two books, too.
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