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not really, they're the same team they were before Rose when they made the playoffs. really solid team who can win in the regular season but lack the superstar to put games away late.

we had Robinson playing the Rose role and did a pretty good job of it this season.
but we need to keep Nate and have Rose come back 100%. Nate is the only other player on the roster who can create his own offense and shot.
everyone else is spot up shooters or relies on the pick and roll to get open.

Deng can but he's usually so gassed from the amount of minutes he plays and taking on the opposing team's #1 that he just can't be consistent enough.
Bellinelli could score off the dribble. That's why he was actually a better option than Korver. Korver was far more one dimensional. Korver is a better shooter over a long season but the problem is, a play off series is a smaller sample size. So you don't know if you're going to get a hot or cold Korver. Same can be said with Belinelli, except when shots arent falling for Belinelli, he can put the ball on the floor. Compartmentalized one dimensional players was one of the flaws with how the Bulls had been constructed.
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