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Kerry Rhodes isn't getting any interest because he's gay.

It's sad, but true.

Also, I very much disagree about Q Carter. I think if he's truly healthy, he'll probably take that starting role from Adams.
That's what I was thinking regarding Rhodes. Seems to me Denver is one of the most open NFL cities (other than san fran of course) but I'm sure teams don't want the media attention that would come with a gay active player (assuming he comes out).

That being said, the safety position seems like a huge weakness to me. Moore made big strides as a tackler but still has no ball skills. Adams is just another guy out there and dropped multiple easy picks, and struggled tremendously with opposing tight ends. Jammer will replace him on third downs this year, but I'm not sure he shouldn't be starting over Adams on first and second down too.

Quinton Carter was hyped for his rookie year safety play, but that was compared to the other guys on the field, Rahim Moore (terrible his rookie year) and David Bruton (absolute garbage at safety). Carter was a solid tackler but I don't have faith in his foot speed, especially after his knee problems.

The broncos lack a guy with any playmaking ability at safety right now. I think safety is the biggest weakness on this entire roster.
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