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they're supposed to buy out rip if they can't trade him.
Yes, I'm aware of this. But this is to say they'll be buying him out. They're not trading him unless he's filler for a bigger deal.

Hinrich is the epitome of the player they love to draft. a guy from a winning program who loves to play great D and is a fiery competitor.
Yes, although, I question whether Hinrich is as fiery as everyone wants to believe. But having said that, I really cant complain about how they've drafted players from winning programs. They're relatively low risk and they add to the mettle of the team typically.

that said, this Paxson obsession with Kirk at the cost of better players is stupid.
he is a severe liability and they refuse to let Teague play and develop because they can lean on Kirk.
i bet you donuts to a dime they put him in the front office after he retires.
I agree and wouldn't doubt the last part.
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