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Originally Posted by JCMElway View Post
--So you see Unrein being cut?

-- I would not cry to see either of the Carters go.

--Joh nson is a gamer and will have an impact this year. Hell, I think he has a chance to start.

--If manram makes it in over Blake, so be it.

--agreed on the RBs
Yeah Unrein isn't going to make the roster because of how many DBs we carry and the emergence of Beal. Last year we used a 3 man DT rotation which I expect again, with Knighton, Big Vick, and Sly. Remember Wolfe and Malik can and did play DT last year, Malik offers more than Unrein, so I see Unrein being a tough cut.

It was VERY difficult not to put Johnson on mine, I would not be surprised if we kept him at all, with our propensity to Nickel, I just could see him being the odd man out. Especially given the money we paid to Bradley..
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