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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Our fifth WR probably has to be able to play special teams.

I think we keep one of the veteran RBs McGahee/Moreno and one special team RB Ball/Hester. I believe it will be McGahee and Lance Ball.

Man Ram makes the roster as a back-up guard and center. Kuper is also making the team, we aren't cap strapped where we should sacrifice a player of his caliber when healthy. Painter won't make it to PS and Clark has some versatility. I think we carry those 4 to make 9 on the OL. Blake is the odd man out.

I could deffinatley see 7 LBs being carried. I had 6 on mine, the big variable is what does Johnson show in OTAs, TC, and pre season.

I think Adams is safe, it's becoming popular to cut him, but I think he was very solid last year. Bolden is not getting cut already. One of the Carter's could be the odd man out, I see it being Tony Carter.

I think both Beal and Jackson make it. I think Malik is Wolfe's direct back-up and I listed him as a DT because I think we carry 3 DTs, Knighton, Vickerson, Williams in a 3 man rotation like last season. Wolfe and Jackson can and do slide inside already. Beal will make the roster and play as a situational rusher.
--So you see Unrein being cut?

-- I would not cry to see either of the Carters go.

--Joh nson is a gamer and will have an impact this year. Hell, I think he has a chance to start.

--If manram makes it in over Blake, so be it.

--agreed on the RBs
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