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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Clark's been doing that for at least two years now.

Painter will make it to the PS. He was a 6th round pick so we know other teams dont value him significantly higher.

Bolden should still be PS eligible IF it comes to that.
I just recounted. I do have only 10 DBs. I put Jammer in parantheses where I listed him as a backup.

So I think the big roster battles are:
--G Robinson, Orton and Caldwell for one roster spot: Caldwell, but Robinson could be our new T.C. Superstar.

--Jacob Hester, Lance Ball, Moreno, and McGahee: One of these guys is out, and it may have more to do with the cap than with talent on the field. Moreno may go because he just can't stay healthy.

--Painter, Blake, Ramierz, Kuper, and Clark for three roster spots: Painter probably goes to the PS. If Kupes goes to the PUP, the other threee remain. I think Ramirez is the odd man out if Kupe is on the active roster.

--Beal and M Jackson for one spot: My gut tells me Beal is in. If Q Smith goes to the PUP, they are both around for 6 weeks.

--I think we carry 7 LBs, mainly for Special Teams impact

--Adams, Bolden, T Carter, and Q Carter for three spots: I think Adams is out here, but the T.C. Battles will be interesting.
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