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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
I hate filler. And being told that being cynical of things that deserve suspicion means I might be a member of the tin foil hat brigade. It has nothing to do with right or left.

I agree. I did commercial litigation for many years. I can tell you without reservation that people do get together in groups and make secret plans to do dishonest and illegal stuff and then lie about them--often involving many millions of dollars. That's a conspiracy. That same personality type that becomes a high level business executive is also often attracted to the power and money of government. Some of them do the same thing.

One has to exercise discretion. Not everything is a conspiracy.One good test: if everything proves your conspiracy, it's probably bogus. For example:

* A and B met. They were obviously conspiring
* A and B did not meet. Don't you think that's suspicious evidence of a consipracy?

On the other hand, a sure sign in litigation is when you take a bunch of depositions and everyone's story is exactly the same down to the smallest detail. That means they got together, made up their story and then rehearsed it at some length because human memory isn't that accurate as to details.

I knew that Benghazi was a lame and poorly managed coverup conspiracy the first time I heard Secretary Clinton's "LA Filmmaker" explanation of what happened. Obviously false and obviously made up on the fly. It was bound to unravel. The only odd thing is that it took so long to unravel.

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