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Originally Posted by OrangeSe7en View Post
Noah is a great passer for a big man. You can almost run an offense through him by posting him up at the elbow and feeding him the ball. In theory, this should allow the offense to spread the floor. But Boozer doesn't really fit with this. He bogs down the offense in this scenario because of positioning. Because what happens is, if the center comes out to play Noah, Noah then can use his speed to beat the opposing center to the basket or pass it, whichever is there. The opportunity that is also present in this scenario, is that Noah can feed someone flashing to the basket. But again, Boozer is usually not able to capitalize from this either by positioning or by the fact that he lacks the requisite athleticism. So, in effect, Boozer neutralizes Noah's ability to spread the floor.
i'm far more concerned with Boozer on D than on O. yes he clogs up the offense a bit but when his offense struggles he offers nothing else and in most games you can see Noah being severely pissed off at Boozer causing issues on D.
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