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Prima Materia

The article makes some good points. There are people who have a victim mentality, that buy concepts for failure as an externalized influence.

This article also infers that 'conspiracies' are null/void, due to the poison the well projection that conspiracies are for crazy people. The problem is, conspiracies do exist.

The lack of trust, and the ominous scary power that 'the state' has become fuels some of these. The State, is involved in conspiracies: it may or may not be as nuts as stargate/xfiles stuff - but injecting people with syphilis, testing acid on people, plans like operation northwoods, drones, full domestic spying, are real concerns and lend credence to big scary nazi 1984 bravenewworld dystopias.

conspiracies by the wto, imf, monsanto, drug dealers, private prison industry, etc do exist.

all that aside...amesj523 said it's as weird stargate...since he found one, in a mortuary temple at the foot of a mountain, got run out of town by a secret society, and has a clue to the red stone.
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