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You do know Al saunders was OC in name only, as Hue Jackson called the plays. He will be doing the same thing for the Raiders just won't have the bogus OC title.

Okay I was ready to give you a long post where your wrong on the oline. I wrote it and saw you said you agree it will be a bright spot.

ONly thing that could have derailed the offense would be the oline. IF you think it will be good than I really don't know where your going.(every great offense starts upfront on the oline) That oline is good there is no way this offense not top five. Raiders have just too much explosive weapons on offense.

All three of the Raiders Rb's are perfect fits for this zone blocking scheme. Only thing that every stopped DMc in this scheme was turf toe. That hasn't been a problem since he wears those special shoes. Raiders are going to run the football a lot. (do you disagree there) Should be right there near the top as the top rushing team in 2012.

Can all three of the RB catch the football. Mike Goodson they say is even a Better receiver than DMC. Raiders are going to use DMC and M Goodson as WR moving one of them outside to get favorable mismatches. Do you not understand those are safe passes that have a chance to go a long way.

Now throw in Marcel Reece tell me when has Greg Knapp ever had a weapon like him at FB. (Justin Griffith - no way) He another mismatch defense have to account for.

NOw You have a very good running game+ Passes to the TE and Rbs = What does that do to the defense. They start to creep up to defend that. When that happens . That's when you will see the Raiders going deep to their Wr's .

What your having a hard time understanding is not every Wco offense is the same. You have to play to your strengths/ personnel . Yes Raiders offense will be similar to Texans but they will be doing things the Texans don't do(can't)

The other Wr Raiders/ Mckenzie brought in aren't WCO offense type of Wr's. (Juron Criner, Rod Streatew and Derek carrier) .

The Raiders are going as far as their offense takes them. They are top five offense they will be a playoff team despite what the defense does.(See Saints, Patriots and Packers)
No one expects the defense to be top ten. They don't have to. That defense just becomes average, and this team going pretty far in the playoffs.
Has anyone ever been owned as bad as this guy was in this thread? I'm sure Sheepstud or Bob has been close but this guy was downright terrible.
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