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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Mind if I ask if he specialized in macro or micro?

In my personal experience, Ive found that homegrown Americans go on to specialize in macro while a lot more of our Asian brothers seem drawn to micro. And it's completely absurd, but I've never personally come across outliers.
Macro, specifically International Monetary Relations. And he's from the Scottish side of my family.

The five micro profs I had in college were: Puerto Rican, Asian, Arab, Indian and White.

I took too many macro classes to remember... trying to remember if I had a non-white macro prof, though. I think one of them might have been Arab or Persian. A plurality (if not majority) of them were Jewish. The ones I remember off hand 3 waspy dudes, 2 jewish dudes, 1 jewish female and 1 waspy female.

I never never drew the connection.
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