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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
My sister was left by her abusive husband. She has two kids and is staying in our Aunt's house. She's slowly blamed every single person in her family for her problems and now hates all of us (I apparently disrespected her children on facebook by including a photo of them with my daughter and now she doesn't want to see me.) It's sad but it just seems some people begin to become angrier and bitter and begin to see and blame everyone for all their problems.
See drug addicts also. I agree with Rev, personal responsibility is severely lacking.

As far as the opening post, couldn't agree more about the internet aiding the conspiracy theorist. We have one in the family. I tell him he believes what he wants to believe and I believe what I want to believe and any article found on the internet we are drawn to is because it is what we want to believe. It's not fact, because it's generally written by someone who is leaning one way or another. But he is convinced what he believes is fact. Might be, but my "facts" trump his.
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