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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
This is the point that Gladwell makes in his book, there are smart people who are good at doing specific functions theory or play design in this instance but when they have find a way to complete a project or lead a team they fail. There were smarter people than Oppenheimer that Groves could have hired to run the Manhattan Project but Oppie had the combo of smart's, people skills and he was confident in himself that he could delegate tasks, then when it came time to make a decision he would listen to all his people and make an informed decision and move on to to the next task.

Like Med said as a coordinator he can get a job and succeed in the role Belly carves out for him but once he leaves the comfort of the Evil Empire he has no developed leadership skills or experiences to fall back on.

In mCd's mind everything had to be his way, he had no patience to let things develop over time and he trusted no one. He had no contacts out side of Belly's arc that he had to fall back to high school buddies to fill positions. He could design inventive pass plays but he could not teach them for proper execution. He didn't believe in in-game adjustments even after humiliating defeats where some adjustments could have stopped the bleeding. I remember the Indy game, they had a chance to win but mCd was insistent on being able to pick up 3 and 1 off a stretch play off the RT. It was stuffed 3 times, he didn't even try to hide the play by the formation, he trotted out the same formation and everyone knew it was coming before the snap. The failure to pick up a 3 rd and 1 on the ground should have been taught during the next week not then and there in game.
Truly smart people will still be successful in their roles even if they micromanage themselves into a box.

Quite frankly, none of what McDaniels did was "smart" by any stretch of the imagination, nor do your given examples apply. In fact, you mention the leap from coordinator to head coach (while ignoring the parallels in the industry, leadership within the same industry, and frankly, OJT while working under Beli), but he failed miserably as the coordinator in StL as well...

McDaniels is a far cry from "smart" by any view of the word unless we sit him down and get him to perform an IQ test. In his occupational field, all he's proven capable of doing is being one of Belichick's monkeys. Period. Where you infer any measure of intelligence from that alone, I don't know.
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