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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by jerseyboiler120 View Post
It is political. We have a President who should be impeached for all the blatant breaches of The Constitution he's committed since the day he took office. Now there are 3 major issues that if he was a Republican the "media" would be covering non-stop 24-7 until the liberals did their usual rioting and protesting all over the White House lawn.

Ny Times is pure lib crap. So of course they have "scientists" deeming that anyone suspicious of der fuhrer must have low self esteem and mental issues.
Funny how GW Bush and his abuses of power have so quickly been forgotten.

His crimes started with his election. Inaction during 9/11. Then you have the whole WMD thing, followed by Cheney making millions off Haiburton, the freaking "Patriot Act", GITMO and the abuses there, FEMA breakdown post Katrina, an Economic meltdown that went Global.

I am not a big fan of Obama but look at what the poor guy inherited.
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