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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
This is a great book, especially if you understand management. There are several others that also help like emotional and social intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Good to Great by Collins as well.

As to your last quote, that is definitely true. Most of the time, the smartest guy in the room may not be the best decision maker or leader. He may be smart, but smart does not mean he is effective. Just like the gentleman you described above he lacked the social and emotional skills to even take care of himself, let alone lead.

Leading a group and being smart are 2 completely different things. Way too often smart guys like McDaniels get a Job over their heads because they were successful in their previous Job, that has a very different skill set. What great organizations are finally figuring out after years of sticking successful people in one position into the next level up, is that success at one skill does not equal potential success at another. Very rarely are top salespeople successful Managers of salespeople. They have tremendous sales skills, but average to mediocre people managing skills. In this example, very rarely do great Coordinators in Football become solid Head coaches, let alone great HC's. They are 2 totally different skill sets. Some of the top HC's in the NFL right now bridge the gap by staying as Coordinators. Sean Payton, Mike Shanahan, and Mike McCarthy keep their edge by running the offense and calling plays and staying in their top skill set while adapting and handling the HC duties. McDaniels failed miserably doing that however, because he really lacked a key ingredient, deliberate practice or experience.

Fox is Solid head coach, but not brilliant by any means. However, he learned that HC's can succeed with a very solid staff making game planning, play calling, and training decisions on their own. What has hurt him, is he can not get over the hump by himself as a leader. He may make it there with this current cast he leads though.
Postmodern perspective. A lot of your post is a paraphrasing of Clegg's work, if you're familiar with him (if not, check it out, since you seem to parallel his views).

Side note: Labeling McDaniels as a "smart guy" is probably a massive pitfall.
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