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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Read peacepipe's article, dimwit.

Actually he did deny it, and then proceeded to make a bad joke too.

Read peacepipe's article, dimwit.

Yeah, because hunting down a national security leak is at all comparable.


LMAO. Projection!

Two times Shulman was specifically asked about 100+ visits. Both by Republicans and Democrats. He never denied that fact. When asked for an estimate on how many visits, he couldn't even ballpark it.

You kids need to get your story straight. Did he really only visit 11 times? Or are you going to go with the patented tiered-denial. "You can't prove he visited that many times, but if he did, den you can't prove Obama did nuttin!"

Meanwhile, his predecessor remembers visiting once. "Case Closed!" say the Cheerleaders in Blue.

Nobody's saying this proves anything. It simply opens up more questions that need further investigation.
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