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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Say the people arguing that "Just 'cuz he was in the White House Visitors' Log doesn't mean you can prove he visited the White House!"
Read peacepipe's article, dimwit.

FYI, he was asked about the visits during Congressional testimony. About that specific number. He never denied having visited that many times. If they asked him why he visited hundreds of times, and he'd really only visited 11, don't you think we would've said something.
Actually he did deny it, and then proceeded to make a bad joke too.

And if the truth were drastically less than 100+ visits, couldn't the White House clear the whole thing up by detailing who Shulman met with, and when? He's kind of an important figure in this mess. It's the public's right to know.
Read peacepipe's article, dimwit.

I mean the Obama administration seemed to think it was their right to know that much about a Fox News reporter and pretty much the entire AP. Here we have a Public employee visiting other public employees, and apparently who talked to who is suddenly some kind of state secret.
Yeah, because hunting down a national security leak is at all comparable.


Meanwhile, you guys keep retreating to each marginally-plausible denial, calling every skeptic a right-wing hack. Then after watching your newest excuse dismantled before your very eyes, you latch onto the next branch on your way down.
LMAO. Projection!
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