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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
It's so hilarious Sheepstud's parents have a house in Oregon I didn't know about! That's totally the same thing as living there! Oh, sheepstud has bested me again! Truly he is a crafty villain! What next? perhaps I used too many spaces between words in one of my posts! Or maybe I guessed someone's age wrong by a whole year! Who knows what other minuscule details that have no bearing on the point I am making, or that anyone gives two craps about that I will not notice? Ah, but the great Sheepstud will be there to catch me red-handed with more of his worthless and inane observations because he cannot hold serve when it comes to things like actually making a point!

Dastardly, he is!
Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Nice try, Gaylore!

Here in Pennsylvania (my second cousin has a condo in Harrisburg) we capitalize letters at the start of a new sentence.

Keep swinging
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