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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Whole-heartedly agree. It would definitely reshape how we value LOS defenders, as well, and I think it would be a very positive shift.
I agree, I have never liked the blurry line when it comes to distinguishing tackles for loss on the QB and sacks. Having an official negative play stat would be very nice and would eliminate the high variability between different reporting websites when it comes to tackles for loss.

For LOS defenders, having two categories - negative plays and no-gain plays would be very nice. In negative plays you have tackles for loss, sacks and fumbles recovered (and interceptions if any) and in no-gain plays you have passes defended, tackles for no gain and fumbles forced (the idea being that a forced fumble is not a definite negative play since the offense can recover the ball but it does stop forward progress).
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