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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Good post, but I personally disagree with it.

I think what separated Zane from his previous work was simply contact. In 2011, we have MANY plays where he's running stride for stride with our skill position guys and in amazing position on screens ...but would barely make contact--and sometimes not at all!

That's clearly changed and I think it's the core of his progressive leap. Developing more of a mean-streak.
I see your point, and I think we are both right because both physical development and willingness to engage could be cumulative developments. As in, he developed more strength and as a result was more willing to engage defenders. Confidence plays a huge role in players development, and that confidence can come from coaching, physical aptitude, or mental awareness. So you could argue, he got stronger and was therefore more willing to be a physical force on the football field, thereby putting us in agreement.
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