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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Last year he went from one of the worst to possibly the best pulling guard in the league, imo.

Everyone gets wrapped up in how painful his first year as a starter turned out, and then they have a hard time wrapping their head around how good he was last season. I still daydream about him running down the sideline stride for stride with Thomas in the Steelers game blowing up defenders at a sprint. I don't get why people expect so much from linemen on either side of the ball in their first or second year when 'it is known' that most linemen take 2-3 years to fully develope, and then peak in their late 20's. it's simply a matter of physical and mental maturity that a 22 year old kid can't magically attain. There is a tremendous difference between the planned and sculpted body of a 3-13 year veteran that most of these kids have to work to attain. In truth it's tendon strength aka old man strength that takes years to develope. Beadles this year showed a huge improvement in his overall strength, he had always been quick and smart, but what separated 2011 Zane from 2012 Zane was simply a year in the conditioning program.
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