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Pat Bowlen

Was this thread necromancy supposed to be some kind of gotcha for me? lol.

1. Sheepstud, I have you on ignore because you are a blathering imbecile.

2. This doesn't even show anything. I don't even say Houston was bad. I made fun of you for saying he was better than Von Miller - a reminder of which, at this point, is beyond laughable.

3. Houston moving to a 4-3 is going to hurt his production next season.

4. Should we go dig all those posts up of you declaring Houston better than Miller, or my favorite, the thread where you go off about how Von Miller "isn't close" to an elite pass rusher in the NFL? Stones from glass homes, man.

5. Get a life. I don't care about you. I don't care what you think. You obviously have some kind of obsession with me. Go play with your sheep lover and stop rezing dead threads that don't prove anything other than what a contemptible idiot you are.

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