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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post

People should look at USC's academic rankings pre-Carroll, Bama pre-Saban, and even though they were good before, Florida pre-Meyer. Those schools have gone way up in the rankings as their football teams have gotten better.

I'll continue with my hope that the last few years, especially the brand damage Embree was doing, finally made them realize that a good athletic program is good for the school.

I think Ringo and Dempsey have both reported that there are several multi-millionaire alums who were never contacted by Bohn about potential donations to the AD the entire time he was there.
I know CU prides itself on its academics and for a state run university it is very respectable. I also think that you don't have to sacrifice academics in order to have great football and men's basketball programs (and baseball and hockey too). Yes, there is a balance but other schools field great teams and still have great academics. Stanford and Notre Dame are two large private institutions that come to mind and a state school like Cal Berkeley also comes to mind when talking about a solid state school in academics with a competitive football program. I think CU can do better than Cal Berkeley when it comes to fielding a competitive football program and still maintaining academic standards.

C'mon CU, prove you can be a better Cal Berkeley, you know you want to!! CU's school motto should be "Cal Berkeley East".

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