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Rahim Moore

Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
SOME homeschooled Christian kids aren't dumb, just like SOME public school kids aren't dumb and SOME private school kids aren't dumb.

When it comes to reading defenses, he's pretty damn dumb.
I would add this: Tebow not having NFL level ability at reading defenses and making adjustments does not equal Tebow being a total idiot.

Tens of thousands of kids at some point try to play QB. Very few have the athleticism, leadership and ability to run a zone read offense like Tebow does. There are several types of intelligence he had to have in abundance to get as far as he did, including how to memorize plays.

But playing QB in the NFL puts you among the best of the best of the best of the best. Everyone allowed to even compete for a roster spot at that level has athletic ability. It's the ones with super-rare, next level ability to see the game at a different speed, process the tactics of defenses in seconds, etc that make it long term as starting QBs.

Not being among that infinitesimally small group of human beings doesn't make you dumb. It means Tebow probably hit a ceiling for his ability that most people would hit long before they can sniff an NFL career. I think it's become clear he has no future at QB in the NFL. It's not too fair, though, to make this all about him having to be stupid not to make it in an incredibly competitive league.
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