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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by IHaveALight View Post
The documentary movies I posted contain the type of science you all are looking for scattered throughout them, gathered from clinical professionals. As none of you would scour through information to find data that I personally require, neither will I for you. I will however leave you with this one bit, as I knew it would be easy to find. And while these studies merely reference the effects of eliminating one type of toxicity (animal products), there is still far more toxicity in our lives in addition to what has been demonstrated here.

10:10 -23:15 is the part where it specifically references cancer.

This however will most likely be my final post in this thread. That is unless someone actually comes up with an intelligent statement, counter argument or other information that is actually worthy of discussion. As of yet all I have seen is a bunch textbook molded minds (purely driven by faith in the system they were fed). Blatantly denying everything put in front of them without doing any research on the matter. And claiming scientific method above all else, which it is very evident that none of you even truly understand the process of scientific method at all nor implement it in your lives.

I encourage and await intelligence...
IMO, the danger is in the extremes. Would a human being live longer if all they ate was aduki beans and kale, carrots and cauliflower, brown rice and sprouts? Probably. But what kind of life would it be? And I'm sure that if that was the diet of mankind, somebody would come along with a study showing that there was a problem with sprouts, eventually. Such is the nature of man.

Man is born. He dies. The best advice is probably "All things in moderation." If animal protein is 10% or less of your diet and the rest is fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and vegetables, you're probably going to be alright. There are little old ladies in Crete, some of them in their 90s who, everyday, climb into the hills to gather wild greens for their salads which they eat at every meal. Do they also eat fish, goat, sheep and sometimes beef? Sure. They also eat some yogurt and cheese. And drink wine with every meal. They are regularly counted the oldest lived people on Earth, with the least sickness.

Having once lived as a vegetarian in an ashram for four years, I've seen what food trips can do to people. It's no different than any other obsession human beings can fall victim to. There is no cure for death. Accept it and move on. Eat a diet of moderation so that you can enjoy your short time here.

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