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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by baja View Post
I know that. I think there are other strategies she could have taken as a preventive measure. Such as a green living food diet. I know what you think of that but your lack of knowledge on diet and disease does not change it's effectiveness.
Don't forget living off the sun too!

Here is the best part of the article:

"This, I believe, is the real reason behind Angelina Jolie's announcement. It seems designed to invoke women's emotional reactions and create a groundswell of support for corporate-owned genes, thereby handing these corporations a Supreme Court precedent that will ensure trillions in future profits. It's a for-profit PR stunt that tries to trick women into supporting a corporate system of patents and monopolies that claims, right now, to own portions of the bodies of every woman living today."

No kidding. This is how women vote and think but normally with irrational thought.
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