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Simon Fletcher

Giving credit to Reagan on winning the Cold War is a hard struggle for liberals because Conservatives use it as a positive when talking foreign policy. I give Reagan a ton of credit for it and his hard ass approach. The one thing I do agree with that Tony quoted is this..

"Conservatives certainly can and should still learn from Reagan’s successes and mistakes—as they should from those of Nixon, Eisenhower, and other past leaders. However, if there is to be a conservative foreign policy that is well-suited to advancing present-day U.S. security interests, conservatives cannot continue relying on the crutch of imitating and invoking Reagan. If conservatives are supposed to understand and cope with the world as it is, rather than how it once was or how we would like it to be, nothing would be worse than to mimic a foreign policy that was created for another era."

You don't have to forget how it was done or why it was done but we are in different battles in a different era. This is how it should be done. Libs give credit to Reagan and conservatives stop using 100% of Reagan's foreign policies to shape today's world.
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