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Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
yes, but the ice storms are a ****ing b**** and humidity sucks balls. Not to mention the occasional tornado.

I lived in KC 1 year. That was more than enough. I lived in Colorado 3 years and loved it. Still do, though for now I live in VA and will cope with that too. At least it's not WVA. :-) At any rate, CO hands down kicks KCs ass, but I will say this, downtown the plaza area was nice and north of the river where I lived was okay, but honestly its the meth capital for a reason. people are nice enough, but CO is soooo much better.

as for CO and snow, I live in CO springs and while it could get snowy, it was never the crappy ice storm **** that afflicted KC. Besides, there is reason (aside from MaryJane) that there is a song called Rocky Mountain High. Colorado is magnificent. I'm only slightly biased.
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