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I was never a Reagan fan -- but Reagan had some quality people in his administration, e.g., Paul Craig Roberts and David Stockman.

Reagan's White House was subverted by his VP HW Bush -- who may also have been behind the attempted assassination of Reagan -- which happened soon after Reagan entered office. One of Bush's sons was connected with the gunman Hinkley. Amazing this connection never came out.

Bush and W Casey had helped engineer Reagan's election by arranging the October Surprise with Iran -- behind the back of Pres Jimmy Carter. The arrangement set in motion an arms pipeline to Iran -- that started in March 1981 -- and continued through 1987-88.

The Israelis handled the shipments and money transfers. Bush and his pal Bob Gates ran the operation. Another Bush insider, Oliver North, tried to set up a separate arms pipeline to fund/supply the Contras. This was exposed -- and nearly destroyed Reagan's presidency.

No surprise that Reagan came to hate Bush -- and never supported his later candidacy with any enthusiasm. Reagan had good reason.

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