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Hemanuel Sandrs

Originally Posted by Jekyll15Hyde View Post
I am not saying that they arent good. I am looking at their contracts and how they handcuff the team. The cap is dropping quite a bit next year. They are paying Kronwall like a #1/2 D man and he isnt (4.75M/yr). He can hit like a mother but that is it. And Howard isnt bad but the 5.3M long term deal they gave him when he really isnt that proven hurts. That is top 5 goalie money and he isnt top 5.

The only truly elite talent on that roster is Datsyuk.
There's so much wrong with this post, IMO. Kronwall has shown he's a #1/2 D-man this year and got plenty of buzz as a Norris candidate on a team that lost HUGE amounts of man-games to injury. A cap hit of 4.75M for him is perfect. He shows no signs of slowing down and has become the defensive captain, bringing along guys like Ericsson and Kindl, who both improved immensely due in part to Kronwall.

As for Howard, I don't get your take. Holland can't create a market that isn't there, but can only operate within the market that exists. The Howard deal is perfectly reasonable and adds stability to the team since he's young and has shown he can sustain quality play, including playoffs. Plus, if a young stud (Mrazek?) comes along and is better 2 years from now, it won't be too hard to move Howard with only about 15M left on that deal, if he remains a top 10 goalie. I would've preferred him at 5M but 5.3 isn't out of the question.

The key decisions will be with some of the dead wood in Detroit. Guys like Bertuzzi, Drew Miller, Eaves, Filppula, Cola, Cleary, Samuelsson, and Ian White. Really, they may just cut bait on ALL of these guys (maybe keep miller and see if they can sign fil at a reasonable salary or let him walk). The key signing has to be Brunner, IMO. Gotta get him back in Detroit, considering it's only his rookie season and he should get better. My shocker prediction is that Franzen gets bought out and/or Helm retires.

They will sign their RFA's, get Brunner signed, cut some dead wood, and continue building from within. DeKeyser will be back, which brings some young talent back to the D, so I think Holland has put us in pretty good position.
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