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Originally Posted by Atwater His Ass View Post
Ummm really? It's because the US has almost zero talent.

I'm sorry, but MLS is a joke and doesn't do well enough at all to foster and develop young talent. The college system is horrible at developing talent; that system just doesn't work for soccer like it does other sports in America.

I admire what Klinsmann is trying to do, he just doesn't have the players to do it with. When the biggest positive for your team is work ethic, it's another way of saying you don't have any real good players.

Also, Belgium is a pretty stacked team. Take a look at what league most of their players are playing in. They have big time players in big time leagues. The best the US can compare with is Dempsey at Spurs and Bradley at Roma, which are two teams that don't compete for their domestic league title and would absolutely estatic to win a champion's league berth.

Anyway, I'm really bashing on the US team, it's just soccer isn't a priority for America...I've said it before, it's at most, a 3rd tier sport and doesn't attract the best athletes and MLS doesn't do good enough at scouting, developing, and providing advantages (i.e., education) young kids that show talent.

bolded for effect!

Belgium is a really good team.

The US was missing a few players and had a bunch of green players on the back end (notice the first 3 goals).

In the US, basketball, football, hockey, baseball, and lacrosse take a greater importance to the youths. Other countries, soccer is everything.
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