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Originally Posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
It is embarrassing what a cluster **** that school is, it always has in regards to athletics but it is now at a whole new level. There is no clear leadership at the top to guide or not guide the mission of CU athletics. The school leadership just floats by and changes with the wind. No real direction and asinine moves like firing an AD after he led a coaching search for the 4th head football coach in his tenure and the 3rd he has hired.

The school bows to the hippy nerd faculty who thinks the athletic department serves no purpose at all and would be better to devote energy to academia only. Ignoring the fact that one of their top alum was a football player in Byron White. Or the fact that one of their faculty members (or at least very recent) was a Rhodes Scholar and two time All-American in Joe Romig.

They want to be big time athletics........ Except they don't want to at all.
the sad part is, only Rutgers is saving CU from being the biggest embarrassment in college sports.
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