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Decker says he can tell manning has more zip on the ball from last year

Ed says the battle between Harris and Welker very intense. Says its about 50/50

Vickerson saying the offense is operating super fast. Manning at his best. Wolfe more leadership role more verbal

Vickerson compliments the play of Jeremy Beal among others. Interesting to hear beals name. Loves they are playing

Vickerson feeling good. Terence has great instincts. Carrying over from Jacksonville. Sly Williams is quick explosive

Zane loves the hurry up offense. It's a challenge but it's fun

Still working w the sports shrink and working to be leader in the room. Now doing computer generated 3d visualization

On Vasquez he's one of the biggest guys I've ever seen

The fine details are now being worked on. As a whole picked up where we left off A big emphasis on finishing drives. The Baltimore game still haunts this team

Decker: "We've definitely got one of the best DB groups in the NFL ... across the board, in one-on-one matchups, it's a nightmare."

Decker said he's gone back a few nights & watched the playoff loss on his iPad. Says the loss is "fuel" for the team.

Decker, on Brock Osweiler: "He's good. He's a guy that will stick his head in the playbook & just listen & heed whatever Peyton says.

Decker: "Peyton's one of those guys that took advantage of (the strength & conditioning program) & came back stronger & healthier this yr."

Decker on Welker: "He knows defensive schemes better than any receiver I've been around....It's fun to learn those little tips & keys."

Vickerson on the OL: "It's a big heavy group. Big, heavy guards make the tackles even better."

Eric Decker complimented Ronnie Hillman on his performance in OTAs, then made fun of him for his golf game...
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