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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
All superpowers come susceptible to financialization of their economy, it happended to the Brits, the Dutch, etc...

This is still one if the few laces where you can carve out an excellent life if you are smart and don't waste your money on stupid things... I don't care about super wealthy, the few always win and hoard resources, that will never change do why fret.... Slice your own pie, live and let live, right
I have children. Presumably, I will have grandchildren some day. As this system of feudalism gets more and more concretized and wealth is amassed into fewer and fewer hands, the people will eventually be herded into serfdom. It's already clearly happening.

I can see where your "Get mine while the getting is good" philosophy would be attractive, but you have to take into account the nature of greed. Greed is not satisfied with "most." It must have "all." Even the little piece of your pie that you are content with will eventually become the target of the never satisfied. Remember the Niemoller dictum? It was directed at all those who knew better and never spoke up.
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