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Originally Posted by SeedReaver View Post
My parents have had Vonage for years. Here are a few observations I've had:

1) You can't talk on the phone while downloading large files (e.g., torrents)

2) Make sure you have a good broadband connection (especially upload speed) or people won't be able to hear you

3) It used to save you a lot more money than it does now. ISPs raised the cost of internet a little while after Vonage came out, so utility bills ended up evening out pre-VoIP to post-VoIP, with people still stuck with a traditional phone now being raped. You may want to see if your ISP offers a VoIP phone bundle with your internet, but I'm assuming your ISP doesn't offer VoIP since you're asking about Vonage. (side note: my parents have had better luck with ISP VoIP than Vonage - however that may be just be a result of overall better technology over the years).

4) You are sometimes required to use a special router/modem for VoIP. These routers often suck. My folks have to power cycle their router/modem 3-4 times a week.

5) Like baja said, unlimited long distance (or even the world plan) is convenient if your wife likes to talk on the phone to long-distance friends/relatives.
I have had poor (Fiber optics now) internet speeds for years and my Vonage worked well at those speeds but like you said don't try to download anything and use the phone.
I only have to reboot my Vonage box about once a month if that.

They even offer a fax line, too bad Doom didn't know about that.
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