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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Because they are the most separated from reality. Charger fans are probably the most down to earth about their team - maybe even a little too pessimistic.

Chief fans are the next most ridiculous with most thinking their two win squad is just a QB and coach away from being in the Super Bowl. Their team actually has some decent players and Reid is a good coach who likes greasy food so he's a good match. So there is cause for optimism.

Raiders fans are all morons. They are in complete denial about how crappy their team is and has been for the past decade. If you talk to Raider fans, they'll tell you with a straight face that Darren Mcfadden is the best RB in the NFL. They'll tell you their problems were a result of Carson Palmer and now with "other guy" at QB they are going to the SB. Every year they believe they're going to the Super Bowl. If it wasn't for their appearance against the Buccs, Reality would have begun to set in after almost two decades of nothing since the 80's, but that one appearance and they're back in cloud land. Raider fans live in the past and close their eyes to reality.
Raider fans are the ones starting threads excited about the "beatdown" they're going to give Denver even when they're 3+ score underdogs.
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