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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
Then why even have a draft? Why not just throw out a young QB on the field? Why have him sit? That is so far off base. Great teams rarely use free agency as crutch. Patriots won last decade based on developing their talent. I would take a franchise in any sport that does this. SF giants won 2 recent rings bringing up talent. Spurs in basketball. Football is even more as teams like to go away from expensive free agents. Why did SF turn away woodson? Cause they want to develop and run with kids. Teaching them. I see it all the time coaches teaching players to up their game at the pro level.

As far as Singletary, well just ask any niner fan and they'll tell you he had no clue how to coach or develop that team.
I never mentioned anything about free agency or about getting rid of the draft. I probably should have just said that you give coaches too much credit for a players success. IMO, great players make it in the NFL because they get it or just have "it".
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