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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
You can't beat the teachers union in CA. They are too strong. No calif politician dem or repub takes them on IMO. They can raise 10 million dollars with one letter and put it against you in a campaign. Hell they make a point and they can raise 50 million against you if they wanted. So you can forget about reform in education that includes anything they don't rubber stamp.

I still say they will over tax and hurt our states growth but i am happy with my vote for gov Brown for the most part. I didn't vote for the tax raise but the fact he made the public have to vote for the tax raise is something i apprecieated.
As a parent, I understand the reluctance on taking on the the Teachers Union but I don't think Policitans understand how frustrated parents are as well and there is untapped support there for reform. I am not anti union, BUT there are teachers who should not be teaching and abuse of the system when it comes to benefits (not just a teachers union problem). Last year my son had 3 different teachers, two of whom were hired got pregnant and left, knowing the system worked to their benefit in this. Who suffered? Every 7-8 year old in that class. And no I'm not anti-women or anti-pregnancy and right to work but this situation sucked.

My son's 3rd grade teacher just teaches to the materials handed to her by the standardized testing companies. Having been on the job for 30 years and in her 60's she will have full benefits. If she was an awesome teacher I'd want her to stay on but she isn't so I'd like to see her step aside.

I'm not trying to oversimplify the teaching problem in our schools, it's systemic and multi pronged.

I know as someone who taught at the college level if you have to develop your own lesson plans and lectures you are far more invested in them and the students than the "teach to the test matierials" they are provided with by the publishing companies. Even my sons teacher agreed with that. This prevented her from teaching to students capabilites as opposed to the progression defined by the state. She could have made a better effort but she has a built in excuse not to.

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