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Originally Posted by ohiobronco2 View Post
Over time I've learned to never say never. Personally, I don't see it happening and it angers me to see Cavaliers fans getting excited about a possible LBJ return. They are just setting themselves up for disappointment if he doesn't. All I can tell you is don't think that James will never leave, he left his hometown where he was a god to go play in Miami where the fans aren't nearly as loyal.
I don't think James will ....NEVER leave. I just don't think it's probable. One thing he doesn't want is a media circus. He wants nothing to be like last time. So what's the best way? Just don't become a free agent. That paired with he's happy in Miami, his family is setteled down here, Miami gave him his first ring, Front office in Miami will always keep the team competitive, his close friends play for the Heat, Clevland is still owned by Dan Gilbert, the added pressure of winning with a new what I believe will make his DECISION easier to stay with the Heat.
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