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Originally Posted by boltaneer View Post
Blame Mike McCoy. He apparently has the worst football mind ever.
That was a bad series but play calling only as good as your execution. His big mistake was not realizing the oline was in shambles and not going to move the ball. Clady had a torn rotator cuff and Kuper was trying to play on 1 leg. I still don't get why they left Kuper in since he was getting beat like a drum all day long.

Don't lie though when the coach search came if you made a list without hearing who Chargers were interested in would have Mike McCoy been on it?

He can coach Rivers up a bit if he is willing to work hard. Rivers mechanics, footwork, and overall approach to the game seem to have waned IMO. I'm sure some of it is disgust with how bad his weapons are but i still don't see them being all that good. There is some potential there but only gates a proven stud and he may not be anymore.
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