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Originally Posted by NorCalBronco7 View Post
CJ is a bit undervalued and he would be a steal in the 3rd imo, but Ive yet to see him in any draft fall that far. I do question his work ethic and I dont think well ever see that drive he had when he was trying to get paid, but his situation has improved on the online. Locker may be a bust, or may excel, but either way the QB play for the Titans is uncertain and with that comes some risk.

cutthemdown I did put Charles/JC on my top 12 at #6.
Oh crap I missed his initials. Yeah thats about where i would put him also. He could go higher but because Cheifs not that good on offense it hurts his value some. I agree i bet CJ2k does go earlier then the top of round 3 but a lot of the ADP and sites right now have him listed really low.

One guy i really respect is Matt Waldman from footballguys and he has him like 44 overall. I think Shon Green really making people think it will be a time share but IMO Johnson is sooooo much more talented then Green I can't see him stealing but maybe some goal line carries here and there.
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