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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I find it sort of funny that Raiders and Chargers took our assistants. for years Kubiak was a great coach and it seemed to take him a bit longer. Then all the sudden coaches we didn't even know were good are becoming head coaches.

When i heard Dennis Allen to the Raiders I was like really? Cmon Dennis Allen? Then with mcCoy I was like ummm really? McCoy? I'm sure these guys are good coaches and i'm not bagging on them but not like they were sexy picks or assistants that screamed this guy needs to be a head coach.

Did Chargers and Raiders do it because they felt it set us back? Or do we really have guys like that to thank for coaching up our players?

I am excited to see what a new coordinater who is taking over a team who lost last yr being too conservative. Not saying it will win more games but I think the Broncos try and put people away a little more, run up scores a little more, and cut loose the reigns on the offense.

With a base 3 wr set look for Welker to get all of Stokelys catches and most of Tamme. That IMO puts him around 75 catches for lets say 850 yrds with 7 tds at least. I think DT stays around 90 balls for 1300-1500 yrds with probably 10 tds. Decker I would guess in the that 80-90 balls area with 10 plus tds. That would leave 10-13 tds for random RBs and TEs. I really think manning gets to 40 tds this yr and close to 5000 yrds. Our offense is going to kick ass i am so excited to see it in preseason. The oline is better and if kuper can get healthy deeper inside where we broke down last yr. We have 2 young RBS to compete with 2 vets. Our WR IMO are the best 3some in football. Hell its the 3 amigos part duex but all 3 actually really good this time.
You really think an NFL team would chose a head coach to hold back a rival team...
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